Become a Friend of MEEC

Friends of MEEC lend their financial support to our mission through annual contributions. As a Friend of MEEC, you support the stewardship of the Marianist Nature Preserve at Mount St. John, citizen science initiatives such as pollinator surveys, and outreach to Dayton's underserved communities. You also receive benefits at more than 130 nature centers in North America through the Association of Nature Center Administrators, special program rates and access to member-only events.  We are grateful for your support!

What is the difference between the Family and Family - Household membership options? Anyone who donates $50 or more receives a membership card with the word "Family" on it so our members can secure benefits at ANCA nature centers for their family members. This is the simplest option for most people. If you would like to request additional membership cards for your family members in their names, or if you anticipate multiple members of your household taking advantage of reduced-rate event registrations, then select the "Family - Household" option and you will be given an opportunity to provide additional names.

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